Auragraphs & Spirit Portraits
by Rita
Healer, Medium and Spirit Artist 
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  2. #PsychicArt #Auragraphs #RitaVogelPost #Mediumship #Healing
  3. #SpiritPortraits #RitaVogelPost #Mediumship #Healing #PsychicArt
  4. #PsychicArt #Auragraphs #RitaVogelPost #Mediumship #Healing
  5. #SpiritPortraits #RitaVogelPost #Mediumship #Healing #PsychicArt
My name is Rita Vogel Post
 ​As a child, I had an awareness of things going on around me, which I could not explain. I would frequently know things before they happened, and would often dream of events before they occurred. There are numerous times in my life when I would have a thought run through my head; hear something whispered in my ear, or sometimes catch a voice behind me; usually informing or warning me of something that was about to happen; it was a common occurrence. I would often experience a physical reaction to situations and people; a response in my gut, or perhaps shivers down my spine. I felt warnings about individuals and circumstances, not only for myself but others as well! On occasion, I could even smell and taste things that were nowhere around me.
At times, I would know when someone was going to pass away or know that they were going to have a child. These were frequent occurrences in my life. The information never scared me, but I always felt I should keep it to myself.
Upon meeting some people, I intuitively understood their source of pain and could feel how much they hurt. I knew not to share this knowledge with anyone and vowed to myself, that I would never expose their vulnerability. Being teased myself as a child, I understood how it would and create more pain. I know these experiences allowed me to understand and give me greater insight into other people and myself.
On occasion, I witnessed individuals verbally attacking and exposing the weakness in another person; it was mean and nasty. It was then I knew my lesson in understanding another person's vulnerability or pain; it was so I would be able to help them. The only problem was, I didn't know why or how. It was something I had yet to learn and understand.

In my late teens, I discovered that both my grandmothers had this gift. It ran on both sides of my family. Having this knowledge was reassuring to me. I developed an increasing curiosity towards this "ability." I began to explore and learn about psychics, mediums and healers. My desire to know more grew from each random supernatural experience. I wanted answers to many questions that stirred in my head. The lessons continued.
I have countless stories I could share. However, I will save that for another time. 

​I learned of a Psychic and Mediumship Development Circle in my area, and after careful consideration, I registered. I remember the first class; I was nervous not knowing what to expect. I was most fortunate to meet and sit in a development class under the instruction of Shirrene May, a Healer and Medium with more than 40 years of experience. I began to open up further to develop and understand my abilities.
Shirrene has become a dearly loved and trusted friend; as well as an excellent mentor. Not only did she share her invaluable experience, she continues to guide and help me in more ways than she will ever know. I am blessed to know Shirrene and to have participated in many classes and workshops with her, and some exceptional Mediums from around the world. Everything Shirrene shared continues to resonate through instruction in other great development classes. Her guidance and teachings have been critical to my development. Thank you Shirrene.​​
​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​As a Medium, I have dedicated my ability to work and help people through healing. I work with my mediumship through hands-on healing, trance healing, demonstrations, Auragraphs and Spirit Art; including Encaustic Art and Spirit Portraits. I believe the intention of Mediumship is for healing, which may be intended for the sitter or the Spirit that comes through the communication.
Being extra sensitive has afforded me a different perspective on life and has presented many exciting opportunities. My intuitive ability is instrumental in my life, not only to guide me but also to help people I meet. It has also been an incredible asset to my design business. Intuition, with skill and training, is a great combination. Interestingly enough I see now how my design and illustration background works hand in hand with my Auragraphs and Spirit Portraits. Funny, if you had told me 30 years ago that I would be drawing people, never mind people who have passed, I would have never believed you.
Please take a look at my website which includes samples of various Auragraphs and Spirit Portraits.
I have included a questionnaire for those interested in development. Please visit the Contact page on this site and feel free to like my FaceBook pages, www.facebook.com/Auragraphs and  www.facebook.com/SummerLandCentre where I will be posting upcoming classes with Shirrene and myself as well as other mediums. I look forward to connecting with you soon.


Oh, if you are interested in my graphic design business you can visit www.vogelart.com and www.facebook.com/VogelArt 

  1. #PsychicArt #Auragraphs #RitaVogelPost #Mediumship #Healing
  2. #SpiritPortraits #RitaVogelPost #Mediumship #Healing #PsychicArt
  3. #PsychicArt #Auragraphs #RitaVogelPost #Mediumship #Healing
  4. #SpiritPortraits #RitaVogelPost #Mediumship #Healing #PsychicArt
  5. #PsychicArt #Auragraphs #RitaVogelPost #Mediumship #Healing